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Dear Scheila, I loved the Light Language Transmission!

I felt it as a gift and I truly appreciated it.

The process was very nice, I felt a great peace, a calmness that everything is perfect.

I felt a surge of energy flowing through my sacral and heart chakra, that spread through the body.

I found your words amazing, filled with love.

I´m very happy to be able to listen to it many times because it was an awesome sensation. Many Blessings!


Ana Carolina Girardi

I have to tell you how this Light Language is strong! Wow, I´m amazed!

I was just meditating with my higher self and I asked for information about Light Language.

It showed me vibrations (waves) at the center of my body. They were strong and kept pushing structures...

I was so happy to see it and now I feel them consciously in my body. I´m glad to know that it is helping me with some heavy stuff that was locked inside.

Din Akhari

I recommend booking a private session with Scheila. Her gracefulness and compassion are unlike any healer I have ever met.


I feel Like I’ve found an old friend and sister soul warrior. She has helped me bravely uncover mysteries about myself, and rediscover a sense of childlike peace within.


 am forever grateful I spoke up! Sessions with Scheila always jumpstart major transformational shifts in my life.

Kirsten Phillips

The audio and the session I had with Scheila was amazing.
She is such a loving soul, she took all the time to give information, to give meditation and the light language that
she did was stunning. I could feel love, joy, happiness, deep connection with my soul.
Many different energies came through. I was blocked but this is gone. I feel light now, my vibration has changed. Everything is cleared. I recommend this very much. It is easy to do on skype.
After the session, you receive your personal audio so you can listen as many times as you wish. I can listen the whole day to this and the loving feelings come right back to me.
Listen also to the monthly activations that she gives on youtube, they are spot on. So you can experience what light language does that is how I discovered her and I'm grateful for that.
So Scheila, thank you so much.

Jo Bruneel

As well as Scheila´s courage to be available to beings of Light to bring us spiritual miraculous healings as a channel of purity and Light, I come here to indicate her work, to have an experience of fantastic connection with your Higher Self.

With absolute certainty, the Language of Light sessions will bring to our Planet a change in embodied beings to have a giant connection to aid the processes we are going through with energy cleansing and integration.

As you do your session, allow yourself to receive Divine guidance that will alter points needed for your best spiritual development in a constructively Loving way with yourself.

Thank you very much, Scheila for allowing yourself to be that channel.

Rachel Berchtold 

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