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Custom Activation + Digital Light Code


Light language transmissions and healing codes help you tune into your natural high frequency state. They are a bridge of connection with your essence, and all you need to do is listen and be willing to dive into the Oasis of your heart.

The audio and art encoded by the Language of Light contains high frequencies and activations of a quantum nature that speak directly to your DNA. Your heart understands this language.

By recording your audio I access your vibrational field and channel the sounds, melodies and tones that trigger, accelerate and facilitate your healing, awakening and ascension process. The digital art that accompanies the audio contains the activation materialized in a code that you can print and keep visible in a location of your choice.

Question & Answers

Firstly...What is Light Language?

The Language of Light is a form of multidimensional channeling and communication that contains vast packages of coded information. Particles of light transform into waves when they enter our field and shape themselves to our needs. The audio will activate your multidimensional aspects by speaking one or more Languages of Light that are intended to help awaken your heart. The scope of languages includes: Angelic, Elemental (Elvish, Fairy, Dragons...) Galactic and Ancestral (Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Ones). People often experience awakenings, changes, spontaneous stellar and planetary memories, initiations, and you may even begin to speak your own Light Language. Everyone can speak at least one Light Language, as your original language is the language of your Soul.

How do I use my audio file?

When you first receive your personalized audio file, I recommend that you listen to the recording in a quiet environment... somewhere where you are relaxed and receptive. Listening to your recording silently is important the first few times you listen to the file because this is where you will get the initial Light Language Code Activation. This allows the Codes to be fully released and immersed into your energy field. After listening silently a few times, you can start to listen to the file anywhere you want... in the car, with headphones at the gym, on the phone, or whenever you feel like listening. The more you listen to your custom file, the stronger the effect.



How do I use encoded digital art?

Digital art contains a light code that is channeled along with its audio. It is the representation of the frequencies and activation contained in the audio. You can print it and leave it in a visible location of your choice. By meditating on it, you can receive its energy and sustain it in your life. It is a wonderful complement that also works on a multidimensional and quantum level. I recommend that you take time to appreciate the drawing, open your heart and imagine that it speaks to you... what do you feel? What sensations, thoughts, images arise? Don't rule out anything. Then write it down so you don't forget, even if it doesn't make much sense at the time, it could bring you interesting revelations in the future.

What should I expect to feel when listening to the audio?

Well, it's best not to have expectations about WHAT you will feel or HOW it will affect you. However, keep a very open mind and heart when listening. Your mind will not actually be able to understand the transmission, but your Heart and Soul certainly will. The main intention is for you to receive the activation necessary for your best and highest good, AND ONLY provide you with the purest frequencies of love, light and truth. Always set your own intention to allow your body to integrate at the pace that is ideal for you. And remember... invite your Higher Self to be present and help you with your integrations from the recording so that you feel very supported and empowered at all times. Just to give you an idea of what other people have experienced with these Light Language Code Activations, here is a list of some of the most common sensations: tingling sensations, chills, heat in the body, tension or pressure in the head or other areas of your body, openings, inspiration, feelings of energy or fatigue, dizziness, expression of tears or emotional release, joy, peace, intense waves of love, spontaneous memory recovery, and heightened extrasensory perception (ESP) and intuition. But ultimately... please don't limit your experience and try not to judge any experience or feeling you have as "good" or "bad." It is perceiving in terms of “expanded” or “contracted”. This will also help you evaluate the progress of your integrations.

Can this activation help me in the areas of health/money/love/etc...?

Yes, in addition to working the physical and auric fields... audio activation CAN help in the areas of health, love and manifestation, among other areas. The energetic spark of the Language of Light has the ability to reach multiple levels of the physical body. The auric field is usually felt first and then begins to reverberate intrinsically, activating cells, which can stimulate your own body's healing ability for optimal health. But we cannot make any absolutes or guarantees, as it depends a lot on each person. If you have a specific concern you want addressed...then you can email that information to direct the recording to your specific issue. As for the areas of manifestation and love... again, yes... audio activation also helps here... depending on the situation, your receptivity, your karma, etc... However, please keep in mind, that Light Language energy transmissions work within the law of free will...never taking away an experience that your soul has chosen to experience, whether karmically or otherwise. So again, if you want to emphasize one of these areas, let me know about that, and I can focus on the intent of that. However, choose just one area of focus per audio activation, to keep the energy super clean and focused.

How long do the “activation effects” last?

Your soul will know when the Light Language Codes have been fully incorporated into your being. You will feel ready to move into higher frequencies, and your inner and outer worlds will have changed in ways that you can perceive. When this occurs, you will be ready to move on to the next update.

Is this session in person or remote?

This session is done remotely, there is no need to schedule. It doesn't matter what country you live in on the planet, just because the session is done remotely and not in person, you will receive activations that are for your highest good. It's all intuitively based... so your Higher Selves/Guides will transmit to me whatever is needed for the energy of the audio recording. Everything is done through Spirit and the higher frequencies. But the energy is transmitted to you regardless of the fact that there is no in-person or online interaction.

When will I receive my audio recording?

The audio recording  is typically sent within 3-5 days of receiving payment for the session. After completing your recording, you will receive an email with a link to download your MP3 audio file and the Digital Art.

YES! I want a custom Light Language áudio.

Choose a payment method below, than send an e-mail to: 

requesting the audio. You can set an intention for the áudio

or leave it open.

You will receive EXCLUSIVE personalized audio via MP3 file and Encoded Digital Artwork. The audio recording will contain an activation by the language of light, and will also have solffegio frequencies as background music. The file will include approximately 10 to 15 minutes of audio, depending on what is appropriate for you at the time.

Choose a payment method

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01 AUDIO - USD 35.00


If you would prefer to make a transfer, send an e-mail requesting the bank information.

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